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Customer Testimonials

Thanks for sharing your lovely soaps with Matt and I. We loved them all, especially the Oatmeal one! We were so surprised how smooth it made our skin feel. It's crazy to think that we've been using Dove Body Wash all this time but could have gotten healthier, softer skin from a soap with such few ingredients. Loved it!! 

Liz Z.

What a delight! Soaps are marvelous and unique; making a decision was not easy! Not only is this a quality product, the packaging is also top notch. I was provided with great service and received quality information. I will definitely be doing more shopping at The Soap Shoppe.

Suzanne M.

Your soaps are awesome. I have dry skin, especially this time of the year, and I could tell the difference after the first use. My skin felt soft, not dry. And they smell awesome. I gave some as Christmas gifts and everyone loved them. 

Connie P.

I am an avid hunter, and have appreciated the "Naked" soap as it is completely unscented. Other soaps left my skin dry and itchy, but these soaps are so moisturizing and healthy. Thanks for having such a great variety to choose from! 

Mike S. 

I love my soap & even better, I have come to love the heel butter too!! I work on my feet & to come home & clean up then rub the heel butter on my feet & hands, I notice the difference right away !!! I would recommend anyone to buy these products !! Thanks so much for making them & keeping them affordable for everyone !!

Tina C.